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Herb Williams-Dalgart | The French Girl's War

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The French Girl's War

The year is 1939; Germany has invaded Poland and France has now entered the war.


Sophie Claveaux is an eighteen-year-old Jewish farm girl who carries a curse. Her mother died giving birth to her and her father has long suffered the loss. Blaming herself, Sophie decides to change her fate and study art in Paris. But before she can enact her plan, her father joins the war, renewing her fear that her curse will always prevail.

Forced to abandon her dreams of Paris, Sophie is sent to live in safety with her grandmother—only to learn there are no safe places in a time of war.

Now, Sophie must fight to protect her grandmother, her new home, and the curious blind artist who could change everything.

A compelling coming-of-age drama set against the backdrop of World War II, The French Girl’s War is a story of unexpected courage and surprising hope.

Quarter-Finalist in Amazon's
Breakthrough Novel Award Contest
Readers love The French Girl's War!
What a great captivating story. I loved every minute of reading. I had the feeling I was there and excited to turn every page for new glimpse into Sophie's adventure. You will love the story and the characters.
The characters were well-developed, and I cared about every one of them. The story grew richer with every turn of events. Well done... five stars.
The author writes so beautifully that you care about all the characters that make up this outstanding story. I look forward to more from this engaging writer and I would recommend this novel to anyone looking for an engrossing read.
I encourage anyone who enjoys reading the wartime genre to pick this one will certainly not be disappointed.
Critics and Award-Winning Authors agree!
There have been many war stories written before this, but I think this one will stand alone.
—Amazon Breakthrough Novel expert reviewer


The French Girl’s War is a novel of hope and determination that lights up a dark place in human history. A generous humanity fills the pages of this book. As readers, we can’t help worrying about Sophie, yet with her fortitude and grit—and with the hope she inspires—we believe in her. We know she won’t rest until goodness prevails.
—Paula Cizmar 
Award-winning playwright, author & screenwriter
Set early in World War II, this novel charms with its depictions of French village life and its vivid, quirky characters. But don’t be misled. The ravages and cruelties of war come calling, forcing eighteen-year-old ingénue Sophie to abandon her dreams of an artistic life—and forging in her a new necessity for courage and fierceness. Sophie is the perfect heroine for the reader who loves to live for a time with greatness.
—Louella Nelson
Best-selling author