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© 2018 Herb Williams-Dalgart

Old News



Check out my giveaway at Goodreads! Ten winners will get a signed copy of The French Girl's War, plus a limited edition bookmark. Or, if you already have a copy, check out my Q&A. Follow the links below.








As a follow-up to my interview at Lit Central O.C., I offered an article on writing which you can now see. Go pay a visit to: or you can download it from the Downloads link on this website!




Got a great interview by Lit Central O.C.—a local Orange County Literary blog. Check it out here:




Over 900 readers entered to win a free copy of The French Girl's War through Goodreads. Thank you wonderful readers! Five winners were selected from Connecticut, New York,  Kansas, North Carolina, and Illinois. Autographed copies of the book and collectible bookmarks will be on their way next week. Congratulations, readers!




Book release party for family and friends was a smashing success.  So humbled to be surrounded by loving, gifted, supportive people. Writing isn't a solitary endeavor. Writers need their peeps!




Want a chance to win a free copy of The French Girl's War? Contest is on 'til April 30:




Officially a member of OC Writers!  Check us out here:




Bookmarks are here!  Check out to find out how you can get an autographed one for free!




The French Girl's War now available on Kindle!




Go to and search, The French Girl's War—the novel is ready!




I signed off on my final proof today—a day early!




New proof due on 2/28. Assuming all the edits are made, I'll approve. Then, the book will be ready in March!




Book proof came in—even though it wasn't the final version (that should come in the next two days), it still felt wonderful to hold in my hot little hand! Stay tuned for the real, final deal!




Cover proof came in—unfortunately, it was the prior version, not the final approved one. Publisher quickly fixed it, but only after FedEx-ing me the original, incorrect one. Cool bonus—I'll have a one-of-a-kind cover proof AND the real deal. Sorta like those old "Revenge of the Jedi" posters! Woo-hoo! Collectible should arrive Monday and the final cover proof on Tuesday. That means it looks like Wednesday 2/11 will be my GO day! Hang on!




Approved! Pre-press proof came in.  It looked great and is now readying for production. I can taste it!




Formal formal fixes submitted. Awaiting final proof.  I thought writing the thing was the hard part...




Sent in my edited proof for final formatting.... So exciting!


Just in time for New Year's Eve, have submitted my requested format changes to the publisher. Hang tight, people.  Looking for a January release!




Received my proof for review. Have decided to change my body font ever so slightly. This is my book after all! I want it just right.




Sent over my revised draft, confirmed my cover, and am now awaiting the compilation for my blue line final revisions!




Completed my revisions after great feedback from my editor!




New cover looks good. Nearly done. Check it out here on my homepage.




Working on my edits.  Looking good!




Edits back from my copyeditor came in. Fantastic! Great support and insights. Won't be long now!




Marketing and cover copy has been edited and approved for The French Girl's War! I have an ISBN number and a Library of Congress number. This is happening, people!




Cover art options have been provided and this will look beautiful. Can't wait for you all to see it!




The French Girl's War is currently with my editor. Won't be long until you can own a copy!